Let's get you those
you always wanted.


Let's get you those              you've always wanted.


You didn't study health, Ayurveda, yoga, or get your life coach certification because you wanted to have a new job in marketing. And while it would be nice to just screenshot a pic of your fresh certification, pop it up on the 'gram, and get a client waitlist so big you had to raise your prices...that's not how it works these days.


Marketing made fun.

If your marketing is starting to make you dread your own offer, suck the life out of you, and make you think about giving up...it's time to stop throwing spaghetti at the wall.

And *instead* start thinking about all the time you could be spending on the parts of your business you love. Like writing recipes, hosting moon ceremonies, or holding space for 1:1 clients.

All while someone else gets you more clients and builds your brand at double the speed. Sounds even better than spaghetti, if you ask me.

Your lane is magic.

Your magic happens when you stay in your zone of genius. You are here because you're ready to make an impact.

Not in a - *I need an assistant to schedule my appointments way*.

More like a - *I need a partner in this who really gets my business but doesn't need hand-holding. Someone who is a rockstar marketer but still lets me lead and hold my own vision*.

Sounds like you need a sidekick. 


Don't make this giant marketing mistake...

...I see entrepreneurs make is investing a LOT of money into *learning* marketing -  through courses, coaches, and templates. Something they don't want to do anyway.

What if instead of spending money, time, and energy on learning how to apply someone else's process in your business...you had someone IN your business, who can see your gifts, and has experience in your industry.

And that very same person also did your marketing, made you sales, and automated all those marketing 'to-dos'.

Enter: your CMO.

Your biz bestie. Runs your marketing. Strategizes for you. Saves you time, and makes you money.

This is for you if you're...
  • already an entrepreneur, and have *guessed* at your strategy for awhile now with *meh* and *blah* results
  • a content creator with an audience but have no idea how to monetize it
  • eager for a thought leader in your business who can marry energetics + strategy to create a plan that feels like YOU


-jen, fertility specialist, tcm practitioner, and acupuncturist

"My first meeting with Rachel was absolutely refreshing! Finally a marketing wizard who is well versed in integrative medicine and an Ayurvedic practitioner herself, to boot!

Rachel gains your confidence right away. It’s apparent from the get-go she truly loves what she does and she wastes zero time getting to know you and your ultimate business goals.

I appreciated Rachel’s understanding of what it takes to be a small business owner- all the hard work involved- owning, growing, and sustaining business. It’s not always easy.

Rachel is confident in her craft. She is highly creative, ultra organized, great at mapping out larger projects, endless energy for sparking and creating creative content, great listener, a true partner in growing/revamping your business."

48% increase in revenue in 6 months

-thamsanqa, market researcher, founder of datadvise

Working with Rachel has been an eye-opener and a great learning curve for my brand.

Our engagement was very well-structured and Rachel moved iteratively on our goals, hitting every target each week.

With Rachel’s help, I have been able to set up a newsletter and content calendar for my business which have both been met with incredible responses from clients and the individuals in my network.

Within the first few weeks of posting, I even received messages for potential partnerships and collaboration, which has been remarkable. I look forward to carrying on the processes Rachel has laid out for my brand and growing it further! 

New Opportunity After 2 Weeks of Posting




Expertise from cross-client experience + industry insights.


Want clients on autofill? I'm obsessed with automation.


You think in visions? I think in action plans. Dream team.


INVESTMENT: $1.8k-$5k depending on your needs

Custom Proposal, can include -
  • strategy session, mapped out in a 30-60-90 day plan
  • content strategy
  • launch plan and support
  • email content writing and automation
  • brand positioning
  • marketing automation

Always includes weekly reviews of strategy, data, results, and progress.

The Details

Business growth without constant content creation...

Easier marketing processes for after I'm gone...

Attracting clients instead of pining after them...

Finally feel clarity on the direction of your business...


"She is smooth as silk too. You have no idea when you start working with her that what you are about to embark on is a whole new world of mission driven clarity and messaging and at such lightening speed, if feels effortless.

She recently joined my mentorship group call ‘speaker series’ and everyone LOVED her. One of my students described as being so comfy like sitting around in your pj’s with her but with the expertise of a seasoned professional at the same time.

Rachel doesn’t make you feel inept even when you know you are! lol She really helped me get over my anxiety of Social Media marketing and helped me with the most basic skills of even how to do that….

She completely overhauled my website in such a way that I TOTALLY love it now. I did the 1:1 3 month contract with her and I gotta tell you, the amount of work she did behind the scenes, like my website overhaul and so many other things was truly astounding. And ALL WHILE PREGNANT! (She never once made any call about her- like so many other ‘helpers’ do. ) For every encounter we had, she knew exactly what we were working on, had a plan and we made it through every single item on every list. She’s a pro. She’s a Pitta! But the sweetest dang Pitta ever!

She has forever changed me, my biz, my nervous system! lol and I will miss her greatly when she takes time off to be with her first born and family. ( I’ve told her she is only on loan to that baby lol). But truly, my only regret is that I din’t contact her sooner. You will too if you don’t get on her waitlist!

In a world sorely lacking in MASTERY, you will be reminded again and again, that some mastery and magic still exist. Click your heels and call her up!  "

- Wahneta T. is a 20+ year Ayurveda and Panchakarma Specialist and Educator

"First of all, she is just a flat out PRO. You know from the first exchange with her that are with a PRO, a MASTER of her craft.



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We work together closely, which means I take our fit super seriously. I want our weekly C-Suite calls to be no-BS, a few giggles, and a lot of business growth.

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