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Shiny Object Syndrome

I’d like to know who came up with “Black Tie Optional.”  đź¤”

My guess is it was some sort of people pleaser who wanted people to dress in Black Tie. But felt bad about it and decided last minute to throw optional at the end.

Google had this to say, “Women can choose either a formal evening gown, a shorter cocktail dress, or dressy separates.”

I’m not even sure what dressy separates are. But it sounds to me like I can wear…literally anything I want?


I’m going to two Black Tie Optional weddings in a few weeks and decided to rent dresses rather than buying them. (~thrifty~)

I popped on my Rent the Runway app and was all over the place. Take this journey with me for a moment…

  • First, warm weather gowns (because one wedding is in Florida)
  • Then, cold weather gowns (because one wedding is in Chicago)
  • Next, handbags (because I get 5 rentals and might as well, right?)
  • Oh, and I need a cute coverup (for the beach party the day after the FL wedding, obviously)
  • And then all the sudden I was perusing trench coats (because what does one wear over the dress if it’s cold)

I had about 3 things I was actually excited to rent and 2 of them weren’t even available in my size.

I spent more time multi-tasking between categories than I did actually picking options.

I was busy, but I was absolutely not productive.

And it reminded me of something…

This week, I led an interactive workshop for Ayurvedic practitioners, and many attendees agreed that “shiny object syndrome” is a very real and present thing for them too. ✨

Shiny object syndrome is saying “YES!” to any opportunity that looks more sparkly, fun, or promises more success than whatever is currently in front of you.

Like me bopping from category to category and never actually deciding on what to wear. đź‘—

It’s not a negative thing. Saying yes is fun, and sometimes it’s the right answer.

But sometimes, it keeps you from reaching your goals.

Overnight success stories train our brains to think success actually happens overnight (it doesn’t).

Instead of putting all our energy into walking one path, we begin to try to walk a few feet forward on multiple paths at once.

Because the thought is, â€śIf I take this shortcut, or this new path, success will find me faster.”

Yet, if you’ve ever walked anywhere, you already know this is a tough way to get to your ultimate destination.

(ps. I believe in this paradox: The road isn’t linear AND most good things require hard, consistent work.)

You probably ALSO know that this is Vata/Air energy at play, and it’s exacerbated this time of year.

That’s why having a gameplan for this quarter is the “lifestyle recommendation” I’m prescribing for your business.

The more grounded your plan, the easier it is to keep that Vata energy balanced.

If you have a plan for Q4, then you can run all opportunities through that plan and your goals.

It doesn’t mean you say no to everything that isn’t on the linear path to reaching them.

It does mean you can flex your staying power and practice simplicity.

When you have clear goals for your business, your self, and even your marketing channels, it’s easy to know what’s a yes or a no.

Examples – 

  • Want more 1:1s and your strategy is to partner with local studios? Stop posting on socials every day and spend that hour out in your community.
  • Want to grow your community and need to reach more people on your Instagram, but you hate posting to your feed? Turn your regular stories into IG reels for organic reach or learn how to use paid ads.
  • Want to get off the launch roller coaster and create an email funnel? Skip a week of newsletters to spend time setting up your lead magnet and nurture sequence or to review your current funnel and make it better.

If this newsletter hit close to home, and you’re in more of the reactive-and-hate-planning-but-also-get-stressed-flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants camp, don’t worry.

I’ve got a fill-in-the-blank 90 day marketing plan already ready for you in Rooted Resources.

XO, Rachel Murphy


Quarterly Feedback Call (Add to Cal)
August 14th @ 11 AM CT (Join)

new news!

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