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A sunlit solarium?! A wooded backyard?! A fireplace in the bedroom?!

After seeing roughly three “good not great” houses in 3 months, my husband and I were stoked when we walked out of this showing.

The excitement was *first sunny? and 80 degree day of the year* level high, and we wanted to put in an offer ASAP.

Our realtor helped us pull together a solid offer, and we crossed our fingers and held our breath waiting for the news.

On Easter Sunday, we got the call from the realtor.

I abandoned my pickleball game (which I was losing) against Jack’s mom and sisters to hear the news…


The excitement level 3x’d itself since my husband’s family was there to hype us up, offer real estate attorney referrals, and start brainstorming everything we’d need to do before leaving Chicago.

After a little negotiation on our closing date, we signed our portion of the contract.

We thought this roller coaster ride was just beginning to get speed, but then it was quickly headed off the tracks.

The next day, our realtor rang us again. This time with bad news.

Someone else had put an all cash offer on the house and was waiving the appraisal. It was no longer ours. ?

I was feeling *extremely* deflated and annoyed at the situation when 2 things happened that turned my perspective upside down…

  1. More houses hit the market in that single day than we’d seen in the last 4 months (is Easter Monday a real estate holiday?!)
  2. I saw a quote about business that said, “You can have your price and my terms, or my price and your terms. Not both.”


A 3rd emotion – gratitude – hit me like a sack of bricks?.

The house we (almost) won was great – quirky, had a great yard, and was well-loved.

But we were giving on price AND terms all because we didn’t have the perspective of what our other options were or how this house compared to the rest of the market.

One of the new houses was less expensive, in a great neighborhood, and a much better “first/family” house.

But we didn’t know that existed, or that it was within our reach until we saw it on Zillow.

We had a limited perspective of the relative value.

Your offering? Prooooobably doesn’t have Zillow.

Even if it does, your audience still might have a limited understanding of the market and landscape (like us – aka naïve buyers in a neighborhood we know very little about!)

The challenge that 100% of you on IG said you’re facing is that your audience doesn’t understand your value.

Here’s how you can make sure your buyers have their “WOOF” moment before they invest in something other than you.

?Teach your audience about the market, or landscape, of what you do.

Everything is relative. Our 1st house looked pretty darn good until we saw what other neighborhoods and homes were available and realized those things were more in line with what we actually wanted.

Your clients might have spent $1250 on beauty products over the last few years (and they’re on Sephora right now looking at another “Clean Beauty” foundation)…

but they don’t understand how investing that same $850 in your holistic health program can clear their skin and last much longer than their next bottle of foundation.

It’s up to your messaging to connect the dots between:

A) their desire to clear up their skin and feel beautiful+confident

B) why that new cleanser still isn’t gonna do it for them and why your program will

?Share stories/quotes that connect to something people already know and understand.

When I read, “You can have your price and my terms, or my price and your terms. Not both.”, it sounded obvious within the context.

But somehow I’d never thought about how it applied to buying a home.

That’s why brands use different types of price anchoring. Anchoring the price allows you to understand something’s value by attaching it to something you already know.

I love this example from Referral Candy…

this has to be movie theater popcorn? or just not true? but you get the point.

Reading the 2nd example makes me go, “Woah…okay, now I understand.”

You can do this with your services too.

✖ Meditations in < 5 minutes.

✅ Meditations you can do in the amount of time it takes to brew your coffee.

✖ Daily yoga for better flexibility.

✅Daily yoga that will get rid of your “I sit in a chair all day” tension before your next all-day conference.

✖ 55-page meal planner.

✅A meal planner that looks great next to your Half Baked Harvest cookbook but collects less dust.

See how this starts to shake out?

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