8 Marketing Lessons from Ayurveda

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Today, I want to introduce you to one of my greatest life teachers. She has taught me more about my health and business than anyone I’ve ever met.

She helped me step away from super-controlled dieting and obsessive exercise.

In my business, she also helps me step away from workaholic tendencies and remove my identity from my work.

And now, I lean on her a lot to help me stay in my own lane, cultivate my creativity, and dare to be different.

She is Ayurveda.

And these, my friend, are the 8 lessons I’ve been inspired to share this week from her wisdom…retro-fitted to business and marketing, of course.

8 Marketing Lessons to Learn From Ayurveda

?1. Nothing is right for everyone and everything is right for someone.

Always run ideas and strategies through your own internal compass. Just because a strategy worked for someone else, doesn’t mean it’s right for you or your business.

?2. Vata is the King of the Doshas.

It all starts with the idea (Vata energy). However, if you have too many ideas, too many projects at once, or an excess of worry/talk with no action, your business will suffer imbalances.

?3.“No medicine can compensate for un-healthy living.” ― Renu Chaudhary

You cannot out-market a bad offering. It may work in the short-term. But it will never be a sustainable solution if you don’t have happy clients.

?4. “Ayurveda teaches us to cherish our innate nature and live in harmony with the rhythms of the universe.”  ― Deepak Chopra.

There will be times in business when things are incredible – you’re getting connected via referrals, your content goes viral, and business is booming.

There will also be times in business when things, frankly, suck – ideal clients ghost you, no one is seeing your stuff, and business is slow.

None of that says anything about your innate nature and the gifts you’re meant to bring to the world. Learn to lean into the rhythms as they present themselves and see them for nothing more or less than they are. In fact, some of the best ideas come out of these “slow” periods.

?5. A healthy life is created by the small, almost invisible, habits that make up our every day.

Almost no one sees the little things you do for your health  – scraping your tongue in the morning, making your own ghee, going to bed early. 

Progress is also invisible early on. You feel only slightly  better. The scale doesn’t move. The acne lingers. Yet, with consistency and patience, you can become unrecognizable.

In your business, it’s the same. No one will trust you at first. No one will see your content. No one will be sending people your way.

But keep working on the invisible habits, and do the thing most people won’t do (which is keep going, even when it feels impossible), and your business will also become recognizable.

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?6. “Ayurveda teaches us that prevention is better than cure and that the body has an innate ability to heal itself.” ― Dr. Vasant Lad.

Your brand, and for many of you your personal brand, is one of the most valuable aspects of your business. Prevention looks like protecting your brand, reputation, and integrity like the assets they are. Do this long enough, and many business issues will solve themselves.

?7. Every person, and business, has its own unique constitution and imbalances.

If you are in a Pitta season of business – planning, making things happen, and on fire – prepare to balance that season with cooling activities eventually.

This is a conversation for another newsletter, but I think an issue with our current corporate system is that we only place value on the Pitta season of growth. It’s never enough, which is why we’re plagued with overconsumption and an incessant need to extract as much as we can from whatever we touch.

However, when we honor all of the seasons, we harvest better crops. Don’t forget this when it feels like the world is pushing you faster than you’re ready to go.

?8. “The Ayurvedic route to great health involves two simple steps: 1. Doing less; 2. Being more.” ― Shubhra Krishan

Content creation is not about who can do the most. For sure, volume can help you learn quicker and grow your reach. But the more that your content can be created through your being, the higher quality and more impactful it can be.

Xo, Rachel Jeffries Murphy

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