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Case Study: Fertility Clinic

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There’s some saying about how as a teacher you learn as much from your students as you teach them.

That’s how I feel about Jen. 🥰

Jen’s a client + the founder of The Nest – a specialty fertility clinic in Chicago, and she’s a total badass + expert at what she does.

She’s taught me so much about TCM, fertility, and given me a different perspective on health and stress.

She’s very well-known around the city because she has 23+ years of experience, and she gets results.

We met because one of her patients happened to be my old boss.

She knew the quality and type of work I did, and she’d been closely following my journey as an entrepreneur after I left the corporate scene.

Jen mentioned she was tired of doing it all and wanted to bring on marketing support, and the connection was made.

I knew when I met Jen that she was going to be a fantastic client.

She’s passionate about what she does. She’s seen it all.

And, she’s not afraid to ruffle a few feathers, which always makes my job much more fun.

She had already built an incredible practice when I joined the team. My job was simply to see where there was opportunity to grow and to take things off Jen’s plate.

So I’m pulling back the curtain and showing you a little snapshot of what we’ve done since we began together.


I start every 1:1 engagement by taking a deep dive into the business and brand. The first thing I found were a few interesting insights –

The #1 traffic driver to the site was via direct referrals and Google.

Main Takeaways:

  • SEO was working (she is usually the #1 organic ranking).
  • The referral pipeline was working.
  • And we also saw an opportunity to convert more site traffic.

50% of business each month was coming from new clients, but we had 3500+ past clients on the email list we hadn’t talked to in awhile.

Main Takeaways:

  • Acquiring new customers is always more expensive than getting reconnected with current/old customers.
  • Many clients may not have known that Jen supports clients beyond fertility – helping other patients with women’s health, pediatrics, and pregnancy.

Jen regularly got incredible feedback/testimonials in person and via text, but we saw a big opportunity to grow these on public forums like Yelp and Google Reviews .

Main Takeaway:

  • The results were there, but we needed to remind people to share their stories so others could find and read them too.


The first thing I wanted to do was reconnect with past clients.

We had an email list full of raving fans who already bought, so we segmented the list and started reconnecting with them.

The other “first” thing I wanted to do (LOL) was take Jen’s brain and heart and magnify them. She has the most incredible insights, thoughts, and POVs, and the world needed more of that. Many of our weekly calls were me learning more about TCM, acupuncture, and fertility as Jen shared her knowledge. ❤️

Then, I took those insights and integrated them into everything – email marketing, automations, social media, and especially the website copy.

Another big goal we had was to get public testimonials, so we built out automations that went out post-appointment for new clients and did a specific ask from old clients in the email audience.


These are the 90 day rolling % changes comparing January to May:

💵Revenue up 48%

📲Bookings up 38%

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦New clients up 31%

💻All website metrics were up – meaning there were more visitors to the site (and not just from Google, but also from Yelp and directly from the email list). Plus, people were engaging and spending more time on the site before ultimately calling or booking online.


Look at your metrics and understand the context before making your plan! Notice how the insights drove much of what we did. If the numbers has said something else, or if there was limited data, we may have built a completely different plan.

Don’t forget about your current audience base! So many entrepreneurs mistake new money for new clients.

The emails we sent were newsletters, not sales emails! We incorporated gentle CTAs (calls-to-action) at the bottom of the newsletter, but the reminder of seeing Jen/The Nest’s name in their inbox, learning about the additional support the clinic could offer, and loving her work was enough to bring them back in for appointments. 🙌

Every client is a little bit different. Some have large audiences they want to tap into. Some are building audiences and new channels from scratch. Some are a mix.

If you know you need a second pair of eyes on your marketing, fill out this form and give me a little context.

Fractional hiring isn’t right for everyone. But I’m happy to point you in the right direction to support that might be a better fit.

Xo, Rachel Jeffries Murphy

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