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Insomnia, heartburn, and unmovable belly weight gain.

Excessive exercise, keto diet, and intermittent fasting.

A work hard/play hard lifestyle, a jetsetter job, and a side hustle in hot yoga.

These 3 lists all have something in common.

And they’re not just the recipe of my early 20’s.

Rachel Murphy with coffee

Me, likely skipping breakfast for a Starbucks latte

These are all lightening-fast indicators that there’s an imbalance in holistic medicine (e.g. Fire imbalance in Ayurveda and TCM). 🔥

That’s actually good news. Hear me out…

Instead of working on 3 symptoms, I was really just working on one imbalance. MUCH simpler.

In fact, these symptoms are what led me to finding an Ayurveda practitioner and falling in love with the science to such a degree that I left cushy corporate to become a rebellious small business owner. 💓

Which is why I know firsthand that this good news in the health arena is actually frustrating as hell in the marketing arena.

Before I explain why, let’s take a step back.

In a Western Medical System, when you have a persistent health problem, the first thing you do is look for a specialist.

👉You want a GI doc on your heartburn. You might talk to a psychiatrist about your sleep issues. You hire a personal trainer for your weight gain.

On one hand, it’s great that specialists spend a long time training in their area of expertise. (If I need surgery, you bet I’m asking for a surgeon with years of practice under her belt.)

Culturally, this is what we know and expect.

The downside?

The Holistic System isn’t set up to reduce the body down into different systems.

You might be interested in herbalism or hormone health or spiritual psychology. But you still know deep down that you can HELP EVERYBODY!!!

Hey everybody! gif

Aha. ☝️ Herein lies the problem.

Unless you’ve been in your field for a LONG time and you are VERY well-known and established, it is colossally difficult to grow your business with the “I help everybody” type of messaging.

If someone is shopping for an electric car, would you say…oh have you checked out Carvana and looked at all the cars?

No. You’d probably say something like, “oh, wow, are you trying out any Teslas?” Or, “I love my Prius – you should test drive it.”

It’s specific. It’s relevant. It’s helpful.

Just because you can help everybody doesn’t mean that your people –

A) Understand what that actually means, or,

B) Believe it to be true.

Helping your audience understand both A & B requires solid messaging.

Clarity around what you do and belief in what you do come from one main thing: a primary messaging strategy.

A primary messaging strategy is a single phrase, idea, or belief that everything in your marketing centers around.

All content ties into and comes back to it. Examples –

  • Maybe you’re the acupuncturist who is a genius with herbs.
  • Maybe you’re the Ayurveda practitioner who is a godsent with teenagers.
  • Maybe you’re the naturopath who kills the recipe game.

It doesn’t matter what your central messaging theme is. It just matters that it’s there and it’s consistent.

Having a primary message makes you easy to refer, consistent, and more trustworthy.

I bet you know mine.

I’m the Marketer who helps Holistic Health practitioners share their stories. 🗣

Everything I create ties back to that central theme.

I’ve told you mine. Now it’s time you tell me yours! Let me hear it.

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