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Anyone else have the terrible habit of being incredibly busy and thinking that NOW is the perfect time to start something new? (Vata season, am I right?)

No? Just me?‍♀️? Okay, great.

This week’s adventure was homemade bone broth.

We’ve been buying Kettle & Fire bone broth for the past few months, but the cartons are so tiny. Finally, I decided I could “easily”do this myself. (spoken exactly like someone who has never made a good batch of bone broth before…)

I went to the store and asked for bones…which got me a very curious stare until I added that I was planning on making broth…not doing any weird sacrifice rituals.

Then, the kind man brought me a pile of bones from the back (questionable? probably) that looked EXACTLY like the ones I give my golden retriever whenever he’s being an extra good boy.

He called them femur bones, which I ignored…because that sounds gross. And I promptly went home and forgot all about them.

Until yesterday.

I pulled open a drawer in my fridge and found them staring at me, singing “aren’t you going to finish what you started”?

I pulled up a recipe to start the process and realized it wanted me to cook these things for 48 hours…wait 48 HOURS ??!

Listen, I’m a notorious anti-recipe follower. I think I want to follow one and then promptly ignore everything it’s telling me to do and do what I want.

So I figured I’d stick it all in a crockpot but try a “tasting” cup in about 7-8 hours…just to see.

Here’s what I found out…you can’t rush the bone broth process.

My glass at 8 hours tasted like dirty onion water. I honestly thought I’d messed up the recipe?.

But the cup I had this morning (almost 24 hours later – because gosh darnit I was committed) was delicious. Perfect, warm, rich, and nourishing.

Oily, because I still haven’t cooled the concoction and scraped out the fat…but still delicious.

Your business is like bone broth. You can’t rush a good thing.

And if you’re here, you’re building a great thing. 

The wider the base, the higher the peak.

20% of businesses fail in the first year with the #1 reason being that there is no market need for what they’re offering.

What that tells me is that…

1. Business is hard! It absolutely does require a tenacity to keep going even when things get tough.

2. People think things will happen quicker than they really do, and they incorrectly plan for that.

#2 is especially true in today’s world, where we’re used to having things delivered almost as soon as we want them.

So my thoughts this week are this…

Only you can know whether you’re rushing your visions. But for the most part, we’re all a teensy impatient about the impact we want to have on the world.

♥ Give yourself some grace. These little steps you’re taking every week need time to simmer, marinate, and create the flavor you’re going for.

 Don’t be rushed or panicked by anyone else’s sense of urgency. Pick your own timeline.

♥ If you’re going to be impatient, be impatient about getting better instead of getting more. Quality > quantity.

I’ve really been feeling this sentiment in my own life. More on this to come in the new year, but I’ve realized how often over the years I’ve lost sight of my own goals because they don’t seem as giant or shiny compared to someone else’s.  

So…for the rest of this year + this season…permission to simmer like bone broth baby.

xo, Rachel Jeffries Murphy

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