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Lillian Jacobs: Ayurvedic Health Coaching & Women’s Hormone Health

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Marketing strategist. Former Ayurveda Health Coach, Yoga Instructor & Holistic Nutritionist. Avid reader. Pitta. 4/6 Manifesting Generator. Obsessed with my Golden.

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What type(s) of holistic medicine or wellness have you studied and what do you specialize in?

Ayurvedic Health Coaching & Women’s Hormone Health

Tell us a little about you. What’s your backstory, and how did you get into holistic wellness?

My journey into holistic health began when I was in elementary school. I was not healthy and I had a myriad of symptoms that stumped the docs. Needing to place a label on it, they said I had ADD, tried putting me on meds, and let me go my merry way.

Fortunately, my parents gave that path the middle finger and went the holistic route. I underwent all sorts of holistic treatments. I’m talking: swapping the standard American kids diet of goldfish and fruit roll-ups for wild-caught salmon and veggies, taking holistic herbs, heavy metal detoxes, breathing exercises and yoga (yes really… I was that kid sticking my legs up the wall at age 10 ?‍♀️). These treatments are pretty mainstream now but back in the 80’s we were straight up crunchy, LA hippies.

Guess what? It worked!

By the time I hit high school I was a fully functioning sassy teen with none of the healthy mysteries of my younger years. I truly believe this was when the seed was planted for me to work in Holistic Health.

But wait! All good stories have a plot twist. Mine happened in my early twenties. I was on my own post college, living in Boston and my health started to decline again. The intense east coast weather, stress from juggling multiple jobs and copious amounts of keg beer was starting to catch up with me.

I was struggling with intense anxiety, candida, and skin breakouts. I honestly don’t even know what was happening to my hormones at that time because I didn’t even have the wherewithal to pay attention! I knew I needed to be “healthy” so I ate Lara bars, green smoothies, and Annie’s frozen meals.

I had no sense of a regular routine and didn’t know why taking 2 yoga classes a day wasn’t healing my anxiety. Now that I know what I know (thank you, Ayurveda) it’s no surprise that my health wasn’t improving.

At the time though, I had never been taught how to actually take care of my health. I hit my breaking point when my doctor wanted to put me on a drug trial for a new pharmaceutical but the prereq. to be in that trial was that I start taking hormonal birth control… another pharmaceutical. ?

Just like my parents had done years before… I gave that approach the metaphorical middle finger and found another way. This is when Ayurveda entered my life.

I had learned about Ayurveda in a recent yoga teacher training, it planted some seeds and I decided to dig in. I met with an Ayurvedic practitioner who taught me how to completely turn my health around using food and lifestyle routines.

From then on there was no looking back. I knew I wanted to share this empowering knowledge with others and keep learning more to support me on my path.. so that is exactly what I did! Fast forward 11 years: no more plot twists! I’m in control of my health and have multiple coaching certifications to help others regain control as well.

What’s your preferred style of work?

1:1 coaching, group cleanses and group programs. I lead virtual programs and in-person programs in Los Angeles.

What is something you’re most proud of in your work?

The community that has formed around my seasonal Ayurvedic cleanses! I’ve been running these for about 7 years now and it’s at the point where there’s a core community of cleansers who come back every season. It’s so fun to watch them embrace this practice and learn how to support their own health as well as (virtually) get to know and support each other in our community!

Where do you get most of your health info from (outside of your traditional study). Are there any podcasts you love, books you’d recommend, or newsletters you enjoy getting?

I really enjoy Kate O’Donnell’s Ayurvedic Living Institute Membership – if you’re interested in diving into Ayurveda it’s a really wonderful offering.

I’m constantly reading more books and listening to podcasts. I currently am loving Aviva Romm’s podcast “On Health”.

Where do you meet most of your clients?

All over! Via instagram, via referrals or in my yoga classes.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new holistic practitioner, what would it be?

Keep focusing on taking care of yourself. We have to walk the walk before we can truly talk the talk 🙂

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